iPhone Gaming Gets Cloud Save and Profile Support

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Soon gamers will be able to seamlessly transfer their gaming profiles and game saves between devices through Apple's online storage service, iCloud.


Both Apple's new iOS 5 firmware update and iCloud hit on Oct. 12.

iCloud is a service that gives Apple device owners who sign up up to 5GB if free storage. That storage can be used to save music, apps, books, TV shows and, yes, gameplay data and profiles. First among the games that will support this new service will be Epic's recently announced Infinity Blade 2.

The iOS update also brings with it some new Game Center features including the ability to post a profile picture, new friend recommendations based on games you play, the ability to browse games without leaving the app and a game-spanning overall achievement score.



Am I missing the benefits of this iPhone gaming cloud storage move? Xbox cloud storage makes sense. PS3 cloud makes sense...but iPhone? I'm not trying to troll, I would just like someone to explain the benefits of saving a game from your iPhone to the 'cloud'.