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iPhone Games Caught Stealing Phone Numbers?

Illustration for article titled iPhone Games Caught Stealing Phone Numbers?

The fact the iPhone is a veritable wild west for developers can often be a good thing. Then again, when shadier outfits start releasing shadier apps, it can also be a bad thing.


Take iPhone game developer Storm8, for example. A class action lawsuit filed in San Francisco alleges that the company, who are behind iPhone games like World War, iMobsters and Vampires Live, "has written the software for all its games in such a way that it automatically accesses, collects, and transmits the wireless telephone number of each iPhone user who downloads any Storm8 game".

Apparently this number-farming went unannounced until August, when Storm8 finally fessed up, saying it was a"bug". Michael Turner, the man filing the suit, says "poppycock" to that, and is after damages.


iPhone game dev accused of stealing players' phone numbers [boing boing]

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Now, I could see something like this being used to track, say, piracy data... Kind of. It really depends on how iTunes works with that sort of thing.

For example, they could simply check the gathered numbers against those of the people who actually bought it (...somehow) and then those numbers that have it and haven't bought it must have pirated it.

This is, of course, giving them a rather sharp benefit of the doubt. You can't really see the phone numbers of the people who legitimately bought your game.

I wonder why they actually did this... It's not really something that happens on accident. #iphone