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iPhone Frogger Impressions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

My Frogger experiences are relatively limited. Over the years I've enjoyed a love/hate relationship with the classic Konami title. Every time I ever saw the game in an arcade I would go out of my way to not play it, not even look at it, because on many levels it just irritated the shit out of me. It was a game that rewarded patience and punished my natural tendencies. But the thing is, when I was living in Seoul, Korea it was one of the only games available to play (besides Ms. Pacman) in the Officers Club on base. So of course I played the hell out of it. Recently, I had a chance to revisit the game in iPhone form.Konami's iPhone build of the game doesn't really do much to change the formula. Actually it doesn't do anything to the game outside of the controls and a bit of a touch up to graphics. I was happy to see that while the game gets a bit of shine, for the most part it looks very much like the original version of the game. No cartoon-ish frogs here. Controls for the game come in three flavors, but only one really works. The tilting controls for the game are abysmal. No matter what I tried to do with the sensitivity, cranking it up or down all of the way, I couldn't get the frog to keep moving forward through traffic and over those logs. Fortunately, you're not forced to play with the tilt controls. You can also play by sliding you fiinger in the direction you want the frog to move, but that wasn't very comfortable. The best method, and it worked pretty well, was tapping on the screen in the direction you want the frog to move. By tapping I was able to move the frogs around pretty quickly. The only issue I ran into with this method is that I would often accidentally tap above the screen when I got close to landing my frog in his clearing. This happens because you want to keep tapping well above the frog to keep him moving and you just run out of real estate. It's not a big deal though. Overall, the game is fun to play and I'm sure Frogger fans will love it. It seems a bit pricey at $10, but no more than a few dollars more than I'd want to pay for it.