Dead Space 2 arrives next week. Sometime soon we'll be getting Dead Space on the iPhone, in a game whose story bridges that of the two console versions. Here's how the iPhone's gameplay will look.

Like the original game, Isaac himself is the HUD in the iPhone version (holograms over him show ammo, health, etc), which perhaps is more important considering the size of the screen involved here. The visuals look strong and with earbuds in I'm sure it sounds fantastic.


As far as the action goes, that remains to be seen. Everything comes to you from one direction in this gameplay, which cuts into the fear-all-around-you aspect of the console version. So they'll have to rely on details like that lighting trick toward the end to supply the scare.

No word on price or release date, but Tuesday is the release of Dead Space 2. My guess is it won't be too much after then.

[thanks sm1ley]

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