With the inclusion of a new "Top Grossing" category in the iTunes' App Store we finally get a more realistic look at which games are bringing in the most money.

As a new feature we will be tracking these, posting the results as a top ten list every week.

Here's your first look:

PositionTitlePriceWeeksLast Week
1 iPhone Chart ToppersMadden NFL 10 (EA)$9.991-
2 iPhone Chart ToppersModern Combat: Sandstorm (Gameloft)$6.991-
3 iPhone Chart ToppersUno (Gameloft)$4.991-
4 iPhone Chart ToppersScrabble (EA)$4.991-
5 iPhone Chart ToppersTetris (EA)$4.991-
6iPhone Chart ToppersBejeweled 2 (PopCap Games)$2.991-
7iPhone Chart ToppersBlades of Fury (Gameloft)$6.991-
8 iPhone Chart ToppersThe Sims 3 (EA)$6.991-
9 iPhone Chart ToppersNeed For Speed Undercover (EA)$4.991-
10 iPhone Chart ToppersCivilization Revolution (2K Games)$4.991-


Which do you think should be the top game?


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