Earlier today thousands of Borderlands fans flocked to UStream for the chance to catch some gameplay footage of the popular game's upcoming sequel. They got a little — very little — but first they got a whole lot more.

Three days of no sleep and German spirits weigh heavily on Gearbox marketing and PR VP Steve Gibson and friends as they broadcast live from Gamescom this afternoon, talking about the various merits of Borderlands 2 via an extremely brief gameplay demonstration and a pre-written question and answer session. That should explain the Cosby impression, the occassional foul language, and the gleeful imaginary pony riding.


What it doesn't excuse is the sad flashes of gameplay that occured during the 30-minute presentation. You're seeing all the gameplay I saw in the video above.

Steve looked just as surprised as I was when the camera panned backed to him the first time, so I get the feeling he really wanted to show everyone more. Hell, he got the guys to act it out for us. That counts for something!

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