Invasion of the Stop-Motion Halo Toys

Voting is currently open in the Mega Bloks Halo Toymation Contest, where the best and brightest stop-motion toy animators vie for fabulous prizes. It's too late to enter, but there's plenty of time to influence the winner.

With more than 1,400 entries to the contest, the Mega Bloks folks are in for a hell of a time determining who walks away with the contest's grand prize: The entire fall 2011 Halo Mega Bloks collection, a Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3i camera, a 15 inch MacBook Pro, and several other odds and ends.

Wow. Now I feel bad about not mentioning the contest sooner. Or entering it. I want some Halo Mega Bloks. *sniff*


Regrets aside, the voting is now open to see which of those 1,400+ videos makes it into the top ten. From there it's all up to the official judges to make the call.

Voting runs through October 16, which gives you plenty of time to watch and critique nearly 1.5k clips. You'd better get started.

Halo Toymation Contest [Mega Bloks]

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Wow. Talk about dedication.