Introducing the Melodic Mailbag

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I've been having a great time writing about music and games for you guys every Thursday. I've also been happy to hear from many of you about different music you're into, what you'd like to see covered here, and to generally nerd out about all things musical.


So I asked myself, why not make some of those conversations a bit more of an official thing?

Taking a cue from Jason's fabulous JRPG Column, I thought I'd open up a mailbag section each week.

Feel free to email me any questions you have about music, games, game music, or anything else in those general ballparks. Wondering what instrument is playing on your favorite game soundtrack? Have a question about a composer, or band? Just wanna rant at someone about the amazingness of Cannonball Adderley? Hit me up, and put the word "melodic" in the subject-line.

I'm mainly looking for questions or conversation-starters, but I'm also always open to suggestions to music to feature here, so if you have a particular track that you'd like to tell people about, email me a youtube link to it and a brief (one paragraph only please!) description of why you liked it, and I might run it at the end of the mailbag that week.

We'll do the first mailbag post next week, unless no one writes in, and then this will all just be a tragic miscalculation that we'll never speak of again.

Make sense? Cool! I'm looking forward to hearing from you, so please don't be shy.


Aww yeah.

I'm totally going to write the shit out of you, Kirk.

And by that, I mean that I'll probably write just a couple things, but still. Kotaku melodic is my favorite time block (PC gaming would be, but it's such a terrible, contentless block that it makes me sad), and it has inspired some brainthinkings.