Introducing LittleBigPLanet Level Packs

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Rather than just release an endless stream of sackboy costumes, Sony and Media Molecule are now introducing LittleBigPlanet Level Packs, combining several themed elements together at a relatively sensible price.

Take this week's release of the Festive Level Pack, available in the PlayStation Store this Thursday for $2.99. Sure, we're still getting a couple of cute little sackboy costumes, but we're also getting on new create material, two new objects, six new decorations, and a ton of new stickers, all in keeping with the pack's festive holiday theme. It's basically everything you need to create your own holiday-themed LBP level, from Christmas ornaments to your own Santa's sleigh.

The Festive Level Pack is just the first of many, though if you plan on getting this one you'd better act fast - after January 8th it's gone.
LittleBigPlanet introduces “Level Packs” @ PS Store: 12/18/08 [PlayStation.Blog]

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Good. Reminds me of Christmas NiGHTS. It may sound silly but I would appreciate more holiday-themed games.