Introducing Fight Night Champion's Introductions

Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley duel May 7 in one of 2011's first big fights. By then, Fight Night Champion will have been out two months, and they will have fought repeatedly. Here's what their introductions will look like.


What say you? I know the video's meant to showcase the intros, through which the commentary is mostly silent. But do you like the Tessitore? Do you not like the Tessitore? I've always found his work to be strong when I'm first pouring through the game's career mode, then I feel like the repetition really sets in.

He's a good voice, identifiable with the sport, and he's paired well with Teddy Atlas, I just hope they've deepened his script and found more ways to make him sound like he's watching the fight taking place.

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Kuwabara Kazuo

Surprisingly there aren't any Filipino politicians walking alongside Manny on his entrance. I remember there was even a moment Batista was escorting him towards the ring.