Interactive Comic Will Set Up Mass Effect 2 For PS3 [Update]

Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3; Mass Effect 1 is not. As the sequel can account for consequences of choices you made in the original, some were wondering how this will be addressed on the PS3.


The answer, according to a BioWare producer in the print edition of the German magazine Play3, is an interactive comic by Dark Horse that will establish the continuity of the first game and allow readers to make some choices to affect its outcome.

That's not all; in announcing Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 at GamesCom, Electronic Arts said it would feature "hours of bonus content." So in addition to the interactive comic, PS3 players will get all three previously released DLC extensions, plus the one-use code that gives access to the Cerberus Network.

This info comes over a German-language Mass Effect 2 forum, but it's from a community moderator and it's attributed to BioWare's Casey Hudson. Nonetheless, we've sent off an email to an EA publicist just in case things are different for users in other regions.

Update: An Electronic Arts representative contacted Kotaku to say that the interactive comic news is accurate, but there is no PS3-specific new mission. "Something got lost in the translation." We've been referred to this BioWare forum post clarifying the report. It also says that the interactive comic's "initial release will be exclusive to PS3 owners who would be otherwise unable to realize the full effect of choice in the Mass Effect universe, and will be included on the Cerberus Network."


An earlier version of this story referenced a PS3-specific mission for Mass Effect 2. The story above the update has been edited to remove that inaccuracy.

Update Zur Mass Effect 2 PlayStation 3 Version [BioWare Social Network via VG247]

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