Illustration for article titled Intelligence Group Mistakes Fallout 3 Screens For Terrorist Propaganda

Bethesda's post-nuclear visions for Fallout 3 are apparently so intense that an intelligence services contractor called SITE Intel Group thought that they were images of al Qaeda terrorist fantasies for the fate of Washington.


According to the UK Telegraph, SITE found the Fallout 3 images in a video called "Nuclear Jihad: The Ultimate Terror," posted on two possibly al Qaeda-affiliated, password-protected websites, where it also gleaned chat logs from users discussing nuclear attacks on the West.

SITE primarily monitors possible terrorist communications, activity and propaganda for government, business and media clients. We've contacted them to ask about the mix-up and have not yet received reply. We've also contacted Bethesda to see how they feel about their game images possibly being used as propaganda by terrorists, and are awaiting comment.


In an ironic twist, by the way, SITE is based in Bethesda, MD.

SITE red-faced as Islamist 'Washington ruin' image turns out to be from Fallout 3 game [Telegraph]

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