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Instagram Ruins Pokémon Snap

Back in the days of the original Pokémon Snap, there were no filters to toy with. But if there was a modern Pokémon Snap game? Chances are, it would have a few Instagram-y options for all the Pokémon pictures we take, like in this video by The Warp Zone.


I'd be okay with that, personally. Nothin' wrong with adding a little flair to your pictures, though obviously some people will be obnoxious about it—like the trainer in this video. I can deal with that so long as they bring the franchise back, though!

POKEMON INSTAGRAM! (Pokemon Snap Parody) [The Warp Zone]

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I'm kinda amazed there hasn't been a Pokemon snap announcement for the Wii U.

With how much they like using the "move the Wii U Gamepad around to look around" it seems like a natural fit for looking through a camera. Throw in Miiverse functionality and fun ways to edit/play with your pictures and you're set.

They could even keep the on rails part of it, though I'd prefer if it was more free roaming. Set off into the wild, sneak up on Pokemon in their natural habitat, lay lures for the perfect picture. Could even have some puzzle / adventure elements to unlock secret Pokemon by gathering certain items and combining them to use in certain areas.

I've seen some poor attempts at similar things for Safari style games, I'd love to see Nintendo's take on a Safari photography game.