Insiders Spill The Beans On EA's Tiberium Clusterfuck

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Tiberium has been cancelled. Can't say we're devastated, since there's more than enough gritty sci-fi shooters on the market as it is, but whatever. Somebody, somewhere, will be upset. Looks like the write-off's not a total loss, however; in the comments section of Gamasutra's piece on the closure, some "insiders" have cut loose, ripping on EA, the development team's management, and...well, everything, really. It's all a bit of a mess, and there are conflicting stories, and there's no way to actually verify any of it (though from the detail and the venom it certainly feels legit), but hey, it's still a fun read. Who doesn't love a good soap opera? EA Cancels Tiberium, Cites Quality Issues [Gamasutra]

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Good insightful read into the grittybits of the industry. Would seem in the end the game was cancelled over extremely poor management issues. 'pparently EA has a problem of hiring too many producers and design directors who don't do a whole lot for the team.