As far as I know, the only Attack on Titan specialty shop in the entire country is at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

Of course, these shops are always there at the end of Universal Studios attractions. But last year at Universal Studios Japan, there was only a kiosk. This year, there’s still a kiosk, but there is also a shop filled with wall-to-wall Attack on Titan merch. Let’s take a look!

As soon as you enter, you know you are in the world of Attack on Titan.

The staff is dressed up in Survey Corps. outfits.

You can also buy your own.

Below is a blanket-type shaw:

Neat, huh?

The image below shows off the different t-shirts.

I snapped it at the Attack on Titan kiosk, but they have them in the shop, too.


The shop is filled with an array of merch. Some of it you might want. Some of it you might not.

Here is a bento set.

A card holder.

Coffee mugs.



There are also loads of snacks.

Like these cookies.

Chewy candy.

Some nifty tins.

Even during the preview day, lots of the customers were in Survey Corps. gear.

All of that shopping might make you hungry. Good thing there’s an Attack on Titan food wagon.


I thought these water bottle holders were cool. And right behind the food wagon, there’s this:

The Attack on Titan shop will be open until this June, when Universal Studios Japan’s Cool Japan campaign wraps up.


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