You like the internet, right? Why not spend your summer in camo, learning to ween yourself from it.

As CRI reports, there are around 250 military-style internet addiction camps in China. In recent years, the Chinese government has been trying to "fix" internet addiction, something that is officially recognized in the country as a psychological illness. These camps provide a way for parents to get their kids offline.

Though, with stories of beatings and daring escapes, parents might want to think twice about shipping their kids off to internet addiction camps.


But, as these CFP photos show, there is plenty to do at the boot camps.

They can get pointed at. Point at me, point at me!


Push-ups are always fun, and no doubt a scientifically proven way to give up internet addiction.

You can work on your saluting. You, short kid in the front with your hand over your nose. You suck at saluting.


Or play in a band. History has shown that doing that never leads to any sort of addiction, so relax parents.


Get your brain scanned for, and I quote, "research purposes."

With so many activities, these internet addicted kids will be cured in no time!

The Redemption Road for Internet Addicted Teens [CRI]

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