Insanity, Urination and Other Things to Watch Out for in The Amazing Spider-Man

While we continue our review-aimed adventure with the new Peter Parker under, over and through the streets of New York, here are some of the fun features of The Amazing Spider-Man you can expect to experience in the game's earliest moments.

I'd make a joke here about crazy people urinating and the authentic New York City experience, but I am sure I don't need to. You are all incredibly sharp folks, fully capable of making your own snide comments. Besides, to someone that loves the city as much as I do, that pungent ammonia scent is the heady aroma of hope that one day we'll be able to stand together regardless of race, sex or spiritual beliefs, and pee in an alley. Then we'd take a nap.

What was I talking about?

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The over-the-shoulder web-slinging looks like it ignores level geometry, which is the opposite of what I wanted in a Spider-Man game. Am I crazy and ignorant or does it just use random satellite swinging instead of the fantastic logical acrobatics in Spider-Man 2 and beyond?