Insanely popular multiplayer battle arena game League of Legends is now available in delicious Mac flavor.


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I've been trying to return to LoL but the amount of champions that are there now is making it very hard for me to do so and the number just keeps growing at an alarming rate. It's just daunting to even think about unlocking them yet it's practically needed to have a level playing field. Then they have the god awful rune system which basically forces you to buy champions with real money unless you want to be at a disadvantage with that champion every match because you cant afford the runes to use it properly.

It's a shame because I probably would enjoy LoL more than I enjoy Dota 2 but the monetization system for LoL is just too punishing for those that don't have all the time in the world to play or who can't afford to spend hundreds on the game. It's funny that the more "casual" approach to the Dota type game has a much more "hardcore" time input requirement to even the playing field. I'd be happy to unlock champions if it wasn't for the rune system, but knowing that once I unlock that champion I face another grind to be able to use it properly just completely negates the fun of unlocking a champion.

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This has me worried that they aren't building a new client for the game.

The LoL client is abysmal, even their own developers complain about how hard it is to add or change things about it. I had heard it was on their to do list but I guess it isn't coming any time soon.

For clarity I'm talking about the pre game client here not the game itself.