Insane 'Tube Transport' Will Zip You From New York to L.A. In 45 Minutes

This ridiculous video envisions a hypothetical future much like the television show Futurama, in which humanity's main method of travel is via super-fast transport tubes.

Using these tubes, patented by the folks at ET3, you could hypothetically travel around the entire world in six hours. Six hours! Now all they need is money to build these things. Kickstarter, anyone?

Evacuated Tube Transport could take you around the world in just 6 hours [YouTube via Reddit]

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I've been thinking about something like this recently, but strictly for mail and cargo. (That way, I don't give a damn if a terrorist plants some C4 on some section of track.) Set remote hubs near industrial centers across the country and take thousands of semis off the roads. Less damage to roads, faster delivery. Keep the acceleration reasonable and you could have fresh and ripe California produce in Minneapolis within hours, at an acceptable cost.