Insane Night Brings Two New Challenge Maps To Arkham Asylum

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This Thursday's free Insane Night downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Asylum brings two new challenge maps to the game, testing the limits of players' FreeFlow Combat and Invisible Predator skills.

We knew the Insane Night DLC was coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC this week, and now we know what it is. Insane Night consists of two maps, one focusing on FreeFlow Combat and the other on the Invisible Predator aspects of Arkham Asylum gameplay.


The "Totally Insane" FreeFlow Combat map sounds almost like Batman's Horde mode, with the Dark Knight tasked with taking down waves of inmates as they attempt to escape through the asylum's secure records room, while in the "Nocturnal Predator" Invisible Hunter Map the player must use stealth to take out an army of the worst the Joker has to offer.

And there you have it. It isn't much, but it's free, and it's only the first of two free downloadable content packs, with Prey in the Darkness due out on October 24th.

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I wish there were more challenge maps that could earn you medals. Some of the extreme ones are ridiculous to get medals on.