Illustration for article titled ​Injured Wrestler Wants People to Buy Him a PS4 to Help Recovery

This is probably a joke. Or maybe a sad reality. But it'd make a great wrestling storyline.

The man known in Scottish wrestling circles as Red Lightning is not in prime shape anymore. What Andrew Wason needs to get back to peak form, so he says, is a PS4. So he started up a crowdfunding campaign asking people to help buy him one:

Before I got fat I was one of the most sought after performers on the Scottish Wrestling circuit. People love to hate me. Although I am currently trying to get fit again I feel that my hand eye co-ordination is lacking due to the out-of-date gaming hardware I have.

Being injured and slightly chubby means I get dregs of work in Wrestling now and can't fund my gaming habits because the money I do make gets spent on drugs of all kind

What makes Red Lightning's campaign so bizarre and fascinating to me is that it's somewhere between a depressing real-life cry for attention and a goofy storyline for his bad-guy wrestling character.

Red Lightning isn't a household name like Hulk Hogan John Cena or CM Punk, though. If Daniel Bryan sent out a plea to fans to get him a PS4, it'd probably happen in no time flat. This guy? Who knows?

[via Twitter]

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