Infinity Ward Says Javelin Cheat Fix 'In the Pipeline' for PS3

Illustration for article titled Infinity Ward Says Javelin Cheat Fix In the Pipeline for PS3

Modern Warfare 2 update 1.05 has gone out for the PS3, but everyone will have to wait for patch 1.06 to fix the infamous Javelin glitch. Let's hope Sony approves it fast, since they seem reluctant to police the cheaters.

Robert Bowling, the Infinity Ward community manager, tweeted that 1.05 fixed some matchmaking issues. Update 1.06 is "still coming down the pipeline," he says. It'll clean up the Javelin exploit, and also fix areas where players could get stuck in world geometry, such as on the rocks Afghanistan.


My guess is 1.06 will be delivered ASAP but there's no word on when that'll be, specifically.

Robert Bowling on Twitter

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I've been playing Modern Warfar 2 for a while, currently level 30, so pleas don't laugh at me when i ask. What is the javelin cheat?

I DON'T WANT TO USE IT!! in case anyone wonders, i just never heard of it. Pure curiosity. My PSN si "BarKohba", if anyone wants to "monitor" me in order to be sure i don't use it.