Infinity Blade II Won't Be One of those 99-Cent iOS Games

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Infinity Blade II, the big sequel to one of the most acclaimed games on the iPhone and iPad will cost $6.99 when it is released on December 1, according to the game's creators.


Games for iPhone and iPad usually go for a dollar or two, but Epic Games and Chair, the developers of the game, are wagering that Infinity Blade II will be worth the relatively high cost. It's a safe wager as the first Infinity Blade proved to be a critical and commercial hit. Both games run on Epic's eye-popping Unreal graphics tech. The games involve the adventures of a lineage of medieval warriors who use magic and swords to fight massive enemies in an infinite loop, gaining more power each time the player takes one of them through the game's cycle of foes.

The new game presents a new adventure with more enemies, more character customization options, more story and support for cloud saving on devices running iOS5. It looks spectacular.

We're trying to snag an early build of the game and will let you know how it is. The $6.99 game will be a universal app when it comes out on December 1, running across iPhones (3GS and later), iPads (either model) and iPod Touches (3rd generation with 16GB of data and later).

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I have a slightly relevant question. Why don't companies just charge even dollar amounts instead of taking off a cent? I can't imagine many people would make a heavy distinction between a $.99 game and a $1 one.

On another note, what is the gameplay actually like here, aside from the recursion mechanic I've heard so much about? It sounds sort of like a simple version of the combat in an Elder Scrolls title or in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.