Infinite Space Charting Course For Spring Of Next Year

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PlatinumGames third title—after MadWorld and Bayonetta—is Infinite Space, the sci-fi role-playing game co-developed by Nude Maker. Long story short, the Nintendo DS RPG now has a North American release window.


According to a new trailer for the game, which can be seen here, Infinite Space will grace these shores in Spring of 2010. Yes, that seems like a long way off, especially if you are chomping at the bit to customize your space ship and have spacey adventures interspersed with animated cut scenes.

Fret not, impatient gamers, because it looks like the game will be worth it, if reviews and sales of the Japanese version of Infinite Space are any indication. Besides, you don't want it to come out this fall or holiday season, only to get crushed by the weight of a crowded Q4, do you?

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Char Aznable

Sega's on the freakin' ball lately, dude... I'm loving it.