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Infinite Bits: Miami's First Video Game Convention

Illustration for article titled Infinite Bits: Miamis First Video Game Convention

Next weekend in Miami you can enjoy live music, tournaments, world record competitions, special guests, a costume contest, and a video game museum at Infinite Bits, South Florida's "first major video game convention."


Infinite Bits is definitely a consumer-oriented video game event. It's about the community and the gamers, rather than big-name publishers showing off their wares. It's about breaking records and friendly competition, with guests like Pac-Man champ Billy Mitchell and Twin Galaxies' Walter Day. Our favorite extreme console modder Benjamin Heckendorn will be there. They've even got concerts from chiptune artists Starscream and goatslacker, as well as video game cover band Random Encounter. It's basically a bunch of gamers getting together to have fun, play games, and buy stuff for an entire weekend, which sounds just fine to me.

Infinite Bits runs from October 23rd to the 25th at the Miami Mart Hotel and Convention Center, with tickets running you $30 for a weekend pass, or $35 at the door. I'd highly recommend ordering tickets beforehand, as wandering about Miami with cash in your hand is an invitation to get shot. Well, more shot than you'd normally be just wandering about Miami without it.


Infinit Bits [Official Website]

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Cool event. Drive down to Miami on Friday night and get some Infinite Bits, then wake up and walk out on South Beach and get some Lady Bits.

Win Win.