Infamous, The Dark Phoenix Saga And A Guy Named Spencer

New comic books are released every Wednesday in comics shops across North America, as well as on the iPad (though those aren't always so new). Every Wednesday, I recommend a bunch that are worth your dollars.

There aren't many video game comics of note this week, but there are a few Nick Spencer comics of note. That's a very good thing.


Comics You Should Consider Buying (from comics shops)

THUNDER Agents #6 There hasn't been a bad issue yet of this series about a team of super-heroes whose powers kill them. This issue, concluding writer Nick Spencer's first arc, features, according to the writer, "the return of one of the greatest comic book villains of all time."

The Infinite Vacation #2 Don't care about THUNDER Agents? Then read Nick Spencer's second issue of this series about people who can constantly hop into new versions of their lives.


Iron Man 2.0 #3 How about reading Spencer's new War Machine comic? The world's other Iron Man gets new armor in this issue, according to Marvel Comics' promo blurb, but in case you're not catching this week's theme… it's a Nick Spencer comic. That's all I need to know these days.

Superboy #6 The new issue of this surprisingly-good series about a super-hero who lives on a farm pits Superboy against Doomsday, the beast that (temporarily) killed Superman.


Thor by Walter Simonson Ombinbus This is a $125.00 collection of hundreds of pages of Thor comics written and drawn by Walt Simonson. I wish I had that kind of money. I am sure this thing is beautiful.

Comics With Video Game Connections (new this week in comics shops)

Infamous # 3 Official summary: "Based on the hit PS3 game! In issue #3, bike messenger turned super hero Cole MacGrath is forced to confront a monstrous super being known only as David - and David won't rest until Cole is dead! In the meantime, Agent Moya begins her endgame. Then, in issue #4, Cole survived his first encounter with David, a horrific creature of unimaginable power, but now he must contend with Trish Dailey, his dead girlfriend . . . who's now working for Agent Moya."


And Over On The iPad…

The first few issues of Chase debut on the Comixology Comics app. The late-90s series was drawn by the amazing JH Williams, which is the attraction now, though the few issues I've read are good overall. The run is about a government agent who investigates super-power-related mysteries in the DC Comics universe. Sort of an X-Files take on DC's icons. I grew up reading DC, but I hear that X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga was pretty good. Nine issues of that are now in that Comics app, two dollars each.

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