PS4 owners that still haven't played inFAMOUS: Second Son are missing out on one of console's best early games. Today's a great day to rectify that though, as Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day is offering it up for $36. [inFAMOUS: Second Son, $36]

We're bullish about the importance of audio around here, but we're also passionate about saving money. Balking at spending $100 or even $300 on a headset was a frequent refrain in our Best Gaming Headset voting, and we can't blame anyone for not wanting to dive down that rabbit hole. The G430, a step down from the G35 and G930 that made it to the final round in our voting, is just $50 today. An easy and easy to swallow recommendation. [Amazon]



For the uninitiated, Slingbox allows you to stream TV shows from your cable box over the internet to any computer, tablet, or smartphone, all without any monthly fees. This model uses component cables instead of HDMI, which is a drag, but you could hook it up to a second TV where it's out of the way, and enjoy the Aereo-like benefits forever. [Slingbox 350, $100]


Amazon is currently offering the Verizon Moto G for just $70 with no contract. It won't work with Verizon post-paid plans, but you can get it on the network with some prepaid data. Hell, even if you don't connect it to Verizon, you could use it on Wi-Fi as a de facto Android version of the iPod Touch. Yes, it's a cheap phone, but it's really fairly solid! [Moto G, $70]


Humble's new PC/Android bundle is live, featuring FieldRunners 2, Breach & Clear, Metal Slug 3, and lots more. [Humble Bundle]


If you have any games on your wish list (like maybe Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, or Tropico 5), you can take 20% off your entire order at Green Man Gaming with promo code ZMMIEX-EW1476-0PNL11. [20% off $10 or more, Promo code ZMMIEX-EW1476-0PNL11]


In case you missed our posts last week, Amazon is continuing its assault on your Android device with $10 in free Coins for downloading five free apps. Whether you keep the apps or not is irrelevant; the $10 is yours to use as you see fit on the Amazon App Store.

If you haven't yet downloaded GTA: San Andreas from Amazon, they're still giving away $20 in coins with your purchase, so you could use your $10 credit to buy the game, and end up with $23 and six new apps in your pocket without spending a penny. [$10 in Free Amazon Coins]


Today on Amazon, $25 gets you all four Alien movies on Blu-ray, plus two discs crammed with special features. [Alien Anthology, $25]


Amazon is at it again with an absolutely massive sale on downloadable PC and Mac titles across all genres. Over the course of the next 10 days, you'll see discounts on over 1000 titles, and several custom bundles as well, many marked down to their lowest prices ever.

You can check out our earlier coverage to see a few highlights, but be sure to peruse the entire catalog. Just note that some of the sales are rotating flash deals that are set to expire every two days, so keep checking back to see what's new. [Amazon]


Fill up your Blu-ray shelves today with over 50 titles available from Best Buy for just $5 each. Obviously, these aren't new releases, but most everyone should find something good to add to their collection. [Best Buy $5 Blu-ray Sale]


If you need a new SSD, here are some great deals in a variety of sizes.

Update: It seems that many buyers of the Kingston drive have been getting slower than advertised speeds, the reason for which is best explained by Anandtech. It's still a great price for a 240GB SSD, so you could always buy it, test it out, and return it if you're unhappy.


Before everyone starts yelling at me in the comments, yes, I know that Beats headphones are far from the best around, but there's no doubt that they're comfortable, and great for anyone that likes to emphasize bass. If you're looking to pick up a pair, Amazon is offering up $50 gift cards with your purchase. [$50 Amazon Gift Card with Beats Purchase]





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