inFamous Home Space Brings Shocking, Graffiti

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The promised PlayStation Home space for Sucker Punch's inFamous goes live tomorrow, allowing visitors to leave their mark with both electricity and spray paint.


The inFamous-themed Abandoned Docks of Empire City arrive with several new activities for players to participate in. There's f course the requisite shooting bad guys with lightning mini-game, which allows you to compare scores on global leaderboards. Sucker Punch will be delivering exclusive video content to the space as well, showing inFamous fans the love long after they've decided their final fate in-game.

Perhaps the most interesting addition, however, is the graffiti wall, where players gain access to various graffiti creation tools, allowing them to create new designs, share them with their friends, and have them voted on by the community for mad props.


Check out the video below to see the new inFamous Home space in action.

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And the wallwil soon be covered with penises...