Sony has narrowed down the release date for its upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive inFamous, announcing that the game would launch worldwide in June. The game is Sucker Punch Productions first PlayStation 3 release.

Its last was way back in September of 2005, the PlayStation 2 game Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Obviously, inFamous is huge departure for Sucker Punch, whose previous work was more cel-shaded anthropomorphic raccoon Sly Cooper and less lightning-wielding bald bad-ass Cole McGrath.

Greg Phillips, producer at SCEA, writes on the official blog that Sucker Punch will be readying a demo for the game, but didn't provide specifics on when that will hit the PlayStation Store.

Also not specified: why the game is curiously capitalized as inFamous in print and as inFAMOUS on the game's newly released box art. Maybe because it's a PLAYSTATION 3 game? Your theories on why this is is welcome in the comments.


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