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inFamous Actor Gets Back in the Mo-Cap Suit, Tips off Battle Royale Appearance

Illustration for article titled inFamous Actor Gets Back in the Mo-Cap Suit, Tips off emBattle Royale/em Appearance

If Cole McGrath, the hero of inFamous, isn't in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale I'd really like to see what Sony-exclusive character pushes him out. So it's not a shocker when Cole's mo-cap actor says that he was back in a suit filming sequences recently.


In a couple of Tweets yesterday, spied by VividGamer, Eric Ladin says "Feels good to be back in the mo-cap suit! Before you ask ... no, not inFamous." Then, replying to a fan, he says "I was playing Cole." The Tweets have since been deleted.

Cole's mo-cap actor playing Cole in a game that's not inFamous actually leaves very few credible possibilities. The only one most can imagine is that he was performing fighting moves for what is being called "PBR" (PlayStation Battle Royale) That said, the game is due for a "Holiday 2012" release, so this seems a little late in the game. So we could be talking about something else altogether or ... dun dun dunnnnnn ... the dreaded DLC.


Rumor: Cole McGrath Playable in PlayStation All-Stars [VividGamer]

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I want to see Kevin Butler in this. Easily Sony's best next-gen character!