Inevitable Spore Creations, Part XLVII

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Sonic, Master Chief, Goombas and, of course, Super Mario have all been added to the Sporepedia, reports MTV Multiplayer. Also in the catalog, Yoshi, Metal Gear Ray (props for at least thinking outside the box there), the Chimera from Resistance, and an ass-ton of Metroids. Super Mario looks like a muppet, and Sonic looks like Spike from Gremlins in purple-face.


I suppose I should applaud the Spore Creature Creator, because it's such an outlet for energy that would otherwise go into cosplay. You can waste a ton of time surfing Sporepedia for obvious video-game homages. So let's get a pool going on the next video-game character to be added to the Sporepedia. I'll lay out the odds:

Pac-Man: 1:5 OFF

Mega Man: 1:2 OFF

Asshole Dog from Duck Hunt: 60:1

Fygar from Dig-Dug: 8:1

Roman Bellic: 150:1

Slippy from Starfox 64: 4:1

Michael Vick from Madden 2004: 6000:1


Find others? Post links in the comments.

Master Chief, Mario and More Invade the Sporepedia [MTV Multiplayer]

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I'm surprised I haven't seen a Yoshi, though I guess that's because I haven't really been looking...