What's the most cruel, unfair, downright evil thing you've done in a game? Bitmob polled some industry types with the question. Hal Halpin was a real jerk in Mario Kart 64; Todd Howard created a suicide squad in X-Com.

Halpin, the Entertainment Consumers Association's president, deployed the lightning bolt with ruthlessness on fellow racers attempting to jump the gorge on the stadium track. "Like my character [Wario], I rarely hesitated in sending other racers off the cliff," Halpin answered.

Todd Howard, the executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, came up with a failsafe against his men getting mind-controlled by aliens in X-Com. Since they dropped their weapons under an alien spell, he equipped them with live grenades that, when dropped, went boom. No more mind control problem. No more soldiers, either, but that's their problem.

Of course, there's a lot of evil done in the Sims (a franchise with a capacity for cruelty unlike many others), Knights of the Old Republic, and plenty of RPGs, for that matter. One guy even gratuitously shot up all the cows in Call of Juarez. Check it out. And tell us about all the innocent people you've wasted with a headshot, down in the comments.

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