Illustration for article titled Indie Games Summer Uprising Schedules Its Releases
Illustration for article titled Indie Games Summer Uprising Schedules Its Releases

Despite the title, the Indie Games Summer Uprising for the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel won't be some spontaneous revolt. The eight games in its lineup got their marching orders yesterday, and will begin rolling out in a week, to be joined by two fan-voted titles at the end of the 10-day event.

Monday, Aug. 22: Raventhrone
Tuesday, Aug. 23: Battle High: San Bruno
Wednesday, Aug. 24: Cute Things Dying Violently
Thursday, Aug. 25: T.E.C. 3001
Friday, Aug. 26: Doom and Destiny
Monday, Aug. 29: Take Arms
Tuesday, Aug. 30: SpeedRunner HD
Wednesday, Aug. 31: Train Frontier Express
Thursday, Sept. 1: Fan Vote No. 1
Friday, Sept. 2: Fan Vote No. 2


As to that Fan Vote, it is still going on right now via the Summer Uprising's Facebook page. The winners will be announced Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT. The candidates for inclusion there are:

Dirche Kart - World Tour; Redd: The Lost Temple; Progenitor: Prologue; AvaGlide 2; The Hearts of Men: Throne of Deceit; Chester; Katana Land; All the Bad Parts; Cell: Emergence; P3; The Spirit of Khon, Ep 1; 37 Days to Die; The Jump Hero; Dragons Vs Spaceships; Mega Shooter 11: Ladies and Power Ups; All Your Creeps; Andromium; Archers and Alchemist; Astralia; Author Adventure; Be Stiff; Birth Order; Blockt; Boom Ball; Clyde Hopper's Trajectory; Dark Delve; Devilsong; Final Failure; GravArena; Gunspace; Hatland Adventures; Honor in Vengeance II; KamiCats; Kazz Ed; Last Dragon Standing; Letter Munch; Lumberjack; Niji: Turbo Remix; Pajamorama; Planisphere; Play As You Go; Sherbet Thieves; Shock and Awe; SoL: Sanctum of Liberation; Space Funk; Vorpal 2; Blocks That Matter; PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death

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