Illustration for article titled Indie Devs Ask For $150,000 For A Single Game Character, Get It In Under 24 Hours

That escalated quickly.

When Skullgirls developers Lab Zero Games asked for $150,000 to create a single new character for the game, they were initially met with some scoffs. Scoffs that mean absolutely nothing now, because the game's fans, knowing how much work actually goes into creating a fighting game character, have responded with open hearts and, more importantly, open wallets.


The team's funding goal of $150,000, which they were given 30 days to pass, was hit in under 24 hours, thanks to contributions from over 2800 people. That's insane. It also sets a record for the IndieGogo service, previously set by StarForge, which raised $135,453.

Since they've got 29 days left to raise more money, Lab Zero have announced that a further $25,000 will add a special stage and "story mode" for Squigly, the character in question. If they hit $200,000, they'll add a second character, the game's first male fighter, Big Band.

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