Incredible Star Wars Cosplay Just Tore All Other Cosplay's Arms Off

Remember earlier this year when reader Julian Checkley showed us his Darth Malgus costume? As jaw-dropping as it was, this beats it.

This Tarfful suit is actually older than the Malgus outfit, but Julian's only just put a video together showing how it all works.


Taking over three months to build, it stands a whopping 8'2", meaning he has to wear stilts to even reach the head. He's also built a soundboard into the jaw, so that whenever Tarfful opens his mouth, wookiee noises come out.

To put this in context, this isn't a film set. Julian doesn't work for Lucasfilm. He's just a cosplayer, and built this whole thing himself.


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That Lamer

The malgus was better, frankly. The fur looks like cheap plastic hair extensions, the arms are too short, and the static mouth is only useful for one off photos. Otherwise it looks like he has chronic respiratory issues that requires him to constantly breathe through his mouth.