Yakuza 6 isn’t out yet, but holy crap, it already looks incredible.

In this footage from the demo, Kazuma Kiryu walks in on a guy brandishing a knife at a convenience store clerk. The guy tells him to buzz off and orders his goons to beat Kiryu to death.

So, Kiryu punches the hell out of them—and the convenience store!

Looks like you can do even more damage than what’s in the clip.


[Image via sio_zingu]


[Images via My Game News Flash]

After the fight, Kiryu apologizes to the clerk for destroying the store, but the clerk says not to sweat it because it’s insured and thanks him. He then gives him a drink.

That’s nice and all, but you know what would make gamers all over the world thank Kiryu? A localized Yakuza 6 release.


The game will be out later this year in Japan, exclusively on the PS4.

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