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In Week Two of the Vita vs. 3DS Showdown, Guess Who Lost?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

On Dec. 17, Sony released the PS Vita, its PSP successor. The PS Vita is a fine machine (read Kotaku's review). In its first week, Sony sold over 360,000 Vitas.


But during the machine's second week, sales plunged to approximately 72,000 machines sold. That's fewer than the PSP, which came in second in hardware sales with over 100,000 units moved.

The Nintendo 3DS, no stranger to sluggish post launch sales, sold a whopping 482,000 units, thanks to a strong game line-up.


The sales week, Dec. 19 to Dec. 25, coincided with the country's Christmas—meaning that far more people were getting 3DS handhelds than Vita ones.

To put things into context, the Wii (91,176 units) and the PS3 (75,479 units) took third and fourth place.

If the Nintendo 3DS is any indication, don't count any of these handhelds out.

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