The globe-trotting nature of the Call of Duty series means that multiplayer maps have a plethora of locales to choose from. And the latest one is in… New York?!

Wait, don't run away! The Overwatch map hitting on February 21st is different, since you'll be engaging in firefights 70 stories above the street in a skyscraper with no safety barriers. If you don't watch your step, a very stupid death will happen to you.


As with all the DLC since Activision launched Call of Duty Elite service, you'll need to be an Xbox 360 player AND a premium Elite member to play Overwatch first. If you're a premium Elite member on PS3, you'll get it before other owners of Sony's console. If you need help figuring all this out, check out Stephen Totilo's article on the Call of Duty content season.


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