In this special vacation episode of the Favecast, we’re joined by former game journalist/one-time guest Kotaku weekend editor and Dishonored 2 narrative consultant, Cara Ellison, to talk about the subtle things women notice when men write female characters, primarily through the lens of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Please note! We recorded this podcast on the road, from Scotland, so the audio quality is not studio-grade. Still, we had a great conversation with Cara that we wanted to share with you all.


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It’s not super obvious in gaming (for me anyways) but oh man does it pop out in novels...

[Selina woke up, already in full make up and wearing heels in bed which weren’t tangled in the sheets because she was HOT and knew what she was DOING. She strutted boobily over to her full body mirror and turned around so her awesome butt and boobies were fully visible at the same time. “I’m CONFIDENT and dress how I WANT!” she said aloud in her Jessica Rabbit voice.]