In This Racing Game, You Shake a Pig

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Monster Hunter is everywhere in Japan—including the JAEPO arcade game expo. However, this Monster Hunter arcade is not, as you might expect, a co-op boss hunting game. Rather it is an arcade style racing game titled Monster Hunter Diary: Oink Oink Pig Race.

As you may have guessed from the title, Monster Hunter Diary: Oink Oink Pig Race is a pig racing game in which the cat-creatures from spin-off title Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village ride pigs through various Monster Hunter themed levels. However, this racing game does not come with a standard steering wheel controller. Instead, it comes with a life-size pig controller that you must rock back and forth in lieu of a gas pedal. You then steer by turning the pig left and right—and slap the button on its butt to make it jump. And let me tell you one thing, my arms ached after playing it.

To see Monster Hunter Diary: Oink Oink Pig Race in action, check out the video above.


Monster Hunter Diary: Oink Oink Pig Race will be released this summer. There are no plans for an international release.

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