In This Game, You Search For The 'Gay Planet.' No, Not That One. A Different Gay Planet.

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The game isn't affiliated with Star Wars: The Old Republic, though it is a response of sorts to the recent debacle concerning a 'gay planet.'

Here is a Twine game by Anna Anthropy that's all about searching for an elusive gay planet. It's called, as you might have guessed, The Hunt For The Gay Planet.

The premise:

You've heard rumors of a secret paradise planet where people like you can be people like you, a glittering world where women walk arm-in-arm with women, where you can feel the heat of a lady's reciprocating gaze without having to feel the burn of a thousand judgemental stares on your skin.

Lesbionica. The gay planet. Let's find it.

Like other Twine games, it plays somewhat like a choose-your-own-adventure. And, like much of Anna's work, you might consider it NSFW. (Update: full disclosure...Anthropy was housemates with me and a mutual friend in the summer of 2012.)


I'd say this runs about 15 minutes, and it made me chuckle a few times—both out of the strength of Anna's writing, and also because the idea of a 'gay planet' is so absurd/silly/crazy.

Worth a play, here.

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Is it Mars?