In The Valley Of The Gods 'On Hold' As Developers Work On Other Valve Games

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Campo Santo’s follow-up to Firewatch, In the Valley of the Gods, was supposed to be out at the end of 2019. Since being bought by Valve, however, the game’s situation has changed.


In a statement sent to Polygon, Campo Santo co-founder Jake Rodkin explains that since the purchase, the In the Valley of the Gods team has basically melted away, with many of the developers instead choosing to work on Half-Life: Alyx, while others moved onto stuff like Dota Underlords.

While this doesn’t make the future of the game sound promising, Rodkin does say that “it certainly feels like a project people can and may return to.


First announced back in 2017, In the Valley of the Gods was going to be about exploring some Egyptian ruins in search of treasure. It looked cool!

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This is why I get sad when any smaller developer gets bought up by a large publisher. It’s never because they want the games and properties, it’s always because they want the people to apply to their preexisting properties. EA is notorious for this, but Valve is right up there with them. I knew this announcement was coming the moment Valve bought Campo Santo.