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Colossi: giant statues in the real world, gargantuan creatures in fiction. They terrify and inspire awe, even (especially) when they’re painstakingly built by hand in Minecraft.

Click here to view this kinja-labs.com embed.

This particular colossus was built by PlanetMinecraft’s Divici, who’s otherwise known for his anime- and LOTR-related builds, over a two-week period. He actually made two versions of the colossus, with the first one called the Harmony Giant:

and the second one called the Supremacy Giant, which has giant turrets attached to it and is missing its horns. It’s also found on a winter map, frozen in the same pose as the Harmony Giant, which makes me think it’s the corpse of the Harmony Giant, but converted into a fortress of some kind. Sad.

You can download the two giants here, if you’d like a closer look.

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