You'll Finally Talk To Players You've Been Matched With In Destiny

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In the midst of the big news that the Loot Cave is no more are a few other nuggets of news of things Bungie has planned for Destiny. More notably, for instance, that they'll be giving players an option to communicate with other guardians they've been matched with in strikes and in the Crucible.

Here's Bungie:

Our vision for Destiny is that all players, even matchmade players in the Crucible, Strikes, the Tower or public spaces, be able to communicate with one another in a way that promotes positive socialization. Voice communication is the easy answer, but existing voice paradigms, including those in our own Halo games, have not done enough to protect players from abusive griefing from a minority of players.

Destiny's near-term solution will be to allow players to opt-in to voice communication during matchmade activities. Work on this feature was underway at launch and should be rolled out this year in Strikes and the Crucible.


It's not quite the proximity chat some players were hoping for, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. Now you'll soon be able to coordinate with players who aren't in your fireteam but that you've been matched with in multiplayer and on strikes.

Check out the rest of what's getting updated here.

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Finally! Although, to be honest, I've been enjoying the lack of profanity-laced pubescent voices in the Crucible. But, I suppose if it helps with team coordination...