In the Game of Thrones MMORPG, You Win or You Grind

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Popular fantasy franchise Game of Thrones will become a browser-based massively multiplayer online game this fall, publisher Bigpoint said today.

Bigpoint, the studio behind several free-to-play online games, says it will reveal more information next week at the Game Developers Conference. Development studio Artplant (Battlestar Galactica Online) will partner with Bigpoint to make the game.

"We intend to build a game that resonates intimately with its diehard community of followers, while also creating an authentic gaming experience that attracts newcomers to the franchise," Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz said in a press release. "The excitement of online games is that, over time, their collective input will help shape the game's destiny; we're eager to see how the story unfolds."


Here's the official website for the upcoming MMORPG, which will enter beta this fall.

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I see Game of Thrones being a hard transition to a game, especially for an MMO. Game of Thrones isn't loved that much for it's setting (outside a few places) or lore, the two MAJOR focuses in MMOs. It's the characters, political conflicts/deception, and the realized atmosphere of the story that sell the show, and the books.

There is freedom for them to make an entertaining combat system, but unless they can create a good story with strong characters like the source material, I don't see this working.

Really the closest game to a Game of Thrones experience I've played has been the Witcher 2, so I guess they should try take inspiration from CD Projekt.