In Saints Row: The Third, Always Bet on Zombie

This week, I've been sharing some videos of Volition's new (tremendously fun) open-world crime game Saints Row: The Third. On Monday, we saw how I start each day in Steelport, and yesterday I showed a cool refinement of its custom radio stations.


That second video was fairly low-key, so today I thought I'd delve a bit deeper into the customization in this game. Saints Row: The Third's character creator is nothing if not far-reaching, with options for all manner of race, size, shape, crazy skin color, and even voice. What's nice about it is that it isn't all faders and sliders—it's much more concerned with the more outsized aspects of your character. The voices are remarkable—I tend to favor the british dude, and the voice actor really brings it. The other voices sound good too, and it's still a bit staggering that also… the zombie option, which I get into towards the end of the video.


So, take a look—this gives another taste of the game's deep customizability, as well as its general tone of generosity to the player and goofiness. If you ever wanted to play an open-world game as a naked elderly zombie who speaks only in gutteral grunts and screeches, well… your game has arrived.

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