In Risk: Metal Gear Solid, You Can Nuke Australia, Occupy Outer Haven

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Metal Gear Solid is getting its very own version of Risk, "the game of strategic conquest," adding Private Military Contractors, a movable continent, the cast of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and the option to launch a nuke from Metal Gear Rex.

Konami and USAopoly semi-officially revealed Risk: Metal Gear Solid at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, but only showed a prototype of the board game's box and a sneak peek at its Field Guide. USAopoly later offered specifics to Kotaku on how Metal Gear gameplay will be integrated in Risk, including just how Solid Snake's trademark cardboard box might lead to world domination.


Risk: Metal Gear Solid will be played on a standard world map, but will also feature a new territory, Outer Haven, the massive battleship that at one point served as a base of operations for Liquid Ocelot. Players who occupy Outer Haven in the board game will be able to move their territory around the map, targeting more remote landmasses like the Australian continent.

Players of Risk: Metal Gear Solid will also have long range attack options, should they acquire the Metal Gear Rex. That sculpted unit is capable of launching a nuclear strike on a territory from far away, adding a new tactical consideration to standard Risk gameplay.

Other twists on Risk include the use of special units like Solid Snake, who can sneak through occupied territories; the Rat Patrol, which boosts the attack power of a group of units; Roy Campbell, who helps players acquire additional Drebin Points currency during the game; Raiden, Liquid Ocelot, Big Momma and more. Add to that about 40 Drebin Cards, which add additional special attacks and defenses to the game like a Guns of the Patriots blitz, blackmailing, hacking systems and more.

Risk: Metal Gear Solid lets players control one of five PMC groups (Raven Sword, Praying Mantis, etc.) as they try to occupy territories and complete objective-based gameplay goals. Each army will be represented on the board physically with PMC infantry and gecko pieces.


For Risk fans, it sounds like the Metal Gear Solid spin on the traditional rules will add some wild variations. For the Metal Gear faithful, it sounds like a great way to get to know a classic board game.

Risk: Metal Gear Solid is expected to be released in November, estimated to cost about $40 USD in both Limited Edition and Standard Edition variants.

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Holy crap, I might actually get this. I'm a big Metal Gear Solid fan (even though that's been argued on Kotaku by nitpicking members), and a friend of mine is a big Risk fan, so I can see both of us having a blast with this.