This butler doesn't serve lunch. He cleans teeth. For around a hundred bucks, you can even put your head in his lap as he brushes yours.

Located in Tokyo Midtown, PureCure isn't your typical dentist office. It's designed to look like an "Asian resort hotel." Dr. Taro Masuoka, PureCure's head dentist, dresses like a butler, because he is here to serve you, his toothy master.


Dr. Masuoka seems to be taking his cues from women's manga and dating games in how he dresses, does his hair, and acts as well as from the butler cafes, which became popular among females geeks in Japan about ten years ago.

PureCure focuses on cosmetic dentistry and made a splash online back in 2012 when it launched group of snaggletooth singers. That group, of course, never took off.

The dental beauty clinic also offers facial massages, manicures, and it has a powder room for customers to put on makeup after their appointment.


Its latest service is called "Butler Lap Pillow Brushing." For 9,800 yen (US$96) plus tax, the course includes deep teeth cleaning and aroma therapy, with the option to put your head on Dr. Masuoka's lap as he finishes up the teeth cleaning. Apparently, it looks something like this:

The clinic recommends this to those who find going to the dentist frightening. Because this isn't scary. At all.

Tokyo's butler dentist should really join forces with Taiwan's maid dental assistants.

デンタルビューティーサロンPureCure [Official Site]

Photos: PureCure/Haisya]

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