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Taiwanese Dentist Dresses Staff in Skimpy Maid Outfits

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Afraid of the dentist? A Taiwanese dental clinic thinks it has a solution: hygienists decked out in maid uniforms. Um, okay!

For the past several years, maid cafes have been popular in Japan and have spread outside the country. Taiwan now has maid cafes of its own—there's even a McDonald's that has held special events, with staff dressing up in maid outfits.

Taiwan's TVBS news recently introduced the Leon Dental Implant Institute, a maid dental clinic in Zhubei City. Decked out in frilly threads, the maids greet customers, fetch their slippers, and bring them cups of coffee.


On the same street, there are three other dental clinics. Competition is fierce, and the dentist thought that maids would be a good way to attract patients. The inside looks like a fancy cafe, and it cost a whopping $1.6 million to pay for the interior design, equipment, and, of course, the maid getups.

So far, business is booming.

When asked whether or not the maid frocks have caused any issues, hygienist Miko said there hadn't been any negative feedback regarding the uniforms. "It's not an issue as we've all had professional training," she said, adding that the uniforms help patients to relax.


The idea, apparently, is also that the maid outfits are less threatening that the typical white uniforms—this is actually something that a Japanese clinic once tried with blood donations. And as Yahoo! News points out, this dental clinic isn't only for men. "It was nice to get some tenderness," said one female patient.

In an interview with TVBS, a mother said that her son used to be afraid of the dentist because he's always having issues with his teeth, but now he really likes the dentist. Wonder why...


診所拚業績!護士扮女僕 病患也瘋狂 [TVBS]

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