Well, you gotta wear something when you get your license photo, don't you?

Previously, Kotaku reported that in Japan, you can dress up as whatever when you take your driver's license photo—just as long as you are not wearing a hat. Also, it's reported that unnaturally bright wigs are not allowed, either. Other than that, well...

Japanese website Tantei File tested this by sending one staffer Angela (pictured) in Chun-Li garb to her local police station to get her driver's license photo taken. (In Japan, driver's license photos are taken at local police stations.)

And the result?


Success, apparently! Angela was worried that the police would make her remove Chun-Li's hair ornaments. However, that doesn't seem to be the case.

This should make Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono a very, very happy man—er, Chun-Li.


奇跡の1枚に挑戦! ~固定観念からの脱却 [Tantei File Thanks, t w!]

Photo: MyDrivers

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